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We are Democrats living and working in Livingston County. We envision a nation of justice, peace, and freedom, where differences are respected - beginning right here in Livingston County, NY


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Democratic Rural Conference (DRC) of New York State - April 26-27, 2024

Registration open for 2024 DRC: One Blue New York! — The DRC is a great way to network with the most active Democrats in upstate New York, to hear from (and possibly buttonhole!) our elected officials, and to learn about the roles we all can play in this most vital political year. Given New York’s crucial role in who will serve in the House Majority next year, congressional races will be a special focus.

We will be convening at the Crowne Plazas Albany - The Desmond Hotel.

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District Attorney McCaffrey Seeks Re-Election to Fourth Term in Livingston County

Friends and Family, I am excited to officially announce my intent to seek re-election to a fourth term as Livingston County's District Attorney. Please find my official announcement attached, and please visit my website to learn more and get involved with the campaign.


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David Wagenhauser Exceeds Petition requirements

Made it look easy! The Board of Elections requires 1250 registered voter signatures to get on the ballot. In Albany today, New York Congressional District 24 Candidate David Wagenhauser's team turned in over 4200 voter signatures! NY24 Dem Committees, volunteers, and friends went door-to-door and worked so hard to get us over the 3000!!!! Thank you so much, we are so very grateful.

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